Teen Programs

Minor Achievements offers some programs for teens. Check out what we have for you….

Fundamentals for School Success

Ages 12-17

Start the school year strong with social organizational strategies in this unique camp for teens. Led by a speech and language pathologist and an occupational therapist, this class focuses on new school year skills such as making friends, organizing, and getting involved. Learn More


Workshop: Things They Never Teach You

Ages 12-17

“Life Lessons from Old Dudes”. This class presents hands-on lessons in Life Skills. Led by two fathers and leaders in their industries, this class focuses on life skills such as interviewing skills, managing money, avoiding debt, managing emergencies, and utilizing community resources. Learn More

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Volunteer Opportunities

Ages 14-18

Minor Achievements is accepting applications to volunteer for the after school Tuesday Classes and the Summer Camps. Please e-mail lori@minorachievements.com for more information.


Robotics Outreach Programs

Ages 14-17

In partnership with ATMakers, teens can learn more about local events and volunteer opportunities to help people with disabilities access technologies to improve their daily lives. Events include our Christmas Toy Adaptation Drive and the ATMaker Day.  Contact us for more information.


Scout Projects

Ages 10-17

Looking for a scouting project? Come check out what we have at Minor Achievements, and scouts may be inspired to develop their talents as they help others. We can use help in areas such as data management, assistive technologies, gardening projects, and construction projects. Contact us for more information.



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