Minor Achievements Learning Center specializes in private therapy or small group classes for children. Located in lovely Tarpon Springs, highly qualified professionals provide a whole-child approach to language, social skills, movement and fun. Come join us! Together we can build foundations to learn and grow.

Minor Achievements offers small group classes led by professionals in their fields. Each class meets each student at their level and focuses on areas of development within a social setting. Due to Covid, many classes are on hold, and will hopefully resume soon. Learn More

Summer Camp led by therapists? Yes! it is real and truly AWESOME! This unique summer program offers inclusive classes full of targeted skills embedded in delightfully fun camp activities. Each week a different skill is targeted, such as “Cooking with SLP”, “Fine Motor Boot Camp” led by an OT, or “The New Kid is a Space Alien” led by a social worker and teacher. 2023 Camps will be even better than ever! We are a VPK SIS Provider and provide scholarships to offset costs for families.  Learn More about our camps. 

At this time our  individual therapies include occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and AAC services (alternative and augmentative communication). Learn More.

So many students need support in social skills, social language, and other areas of development. While schools offer therapies for families, some students do not qualify or the therapy must be educationally relevant. Adding that private therapies are quite expensive,  our mission is to support all families by offering classes and therapies to support social, communication, physical, and adaptive needs.

While we do not take insurance at this time, we can help with self-filing. We are a VPK SIS provider and qualify for Gardner Scholarship service.

You can help with your talent or donation!

If you would like more information about programs for your child, contact us here or call (727) 234-0924Group classes and Private therapies