what our families say


We love to hear from our families. Take a look at what some of our families say…

Thank you so much for having this incredible summer program for (our son) and other children in need.  He was busy and productive but not overwhelmed like some summer camps can be.  It was essential for us to find a way for (our son) to continue socializing with his peers and this provided the perfect opportunity.  Along with this ability to interact in a safe manner he continued to gain skills in communication, turn taking, fine motor and gross motor skills.  He LOVED camp and was upset when it was all over.  It was the perfect activity for him this summer.  And again I can’t state this enough, he was with people I trust, and for a mother of a child with special needs that is exceptionally important as he does not necessarily have the means to discuss if something has happened to him.  Trusting those you leave your precious child with is such an incredible gift you have given me as his mother.  I thank you for loving all of these kids and for helping them to be the best they can be.

It was so nice bringing my daughter to a place where I knew it was ok for her to be herself.  Your team of teachers was prepared with strategies to help encourage positive behaviors.  As a result, (our daughter) was so calm each day when I picked her up, which was a refreshing and new experience.  I found myself awkwardly lingering too long somedays because I was so used to the daily verbal or written report from her teachers about what didn’t go well.  It was REALLY nice to be able to continue on our day without tantrums which tells me the experiences she had at camp were the perfect fit.

My family sees an improvement in (our daughter’s) attitude and confidence.  She’s happier and I have asked her to repeat herself less at home (for lack of me knowing what she is trying to say).   Her speech/language and social skills seem to have evolved and she’s more willing to participate in various situations/settings.  (Our daughter) talked about wanting kids from camp to come to our house for play dates and is trying to sing songs on her own now.  At first she was nervous since she struggles with all change and transitions, but quickly started positively talking about teachers and kids at home.  A couple Saturdays she cried when I told her that it wasn’t a camp day 😊



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