Voluntary PreKindergarten Specialized Instructional Services: VPK SIS

Minor Achievements is an approved VPK SIS provider. If your 4 year old child meets criteria for VPK in Florida and has an IEP, your child may benefit from VPK SIS.

What services are provided with VPK SIS at Minor Achievements?

VPK Specialized Instructional Services (SIS) vary depending on the specific needs of each child. Therapy sessions and/or classes support the child’s IEP. Services may include:

What is VPK SIS?

VPK is a state funded program that provides all children an early education for kindergarten readiness.

  • One year only
  • Child is 4, but net yet 5 by Sept 1 *
  • Live in Florida

VPK SIS applies the funding toward specialized instruction in lieu of attending a regular VPK program.

  • Child with a disability, as evidenced by a current individual educational plan (IEP)
  • Child is age-eligible for VPK (4 years old by Sept. 1)
  • Family may feel the child is not ready for a VPK Classroom program / setting
  • Provides opportunity for additional therapies / services for a child with an IEP


How do I register? 

Parent can complete registration at home or with assistance at their local Early Learning Coalition.  Go to VPK WEBSITE of the Early Learning Coalition. You will need to upload the following information.

  • Proof of child’s age
  • Proof of Florida residency
  • Current IEP

After registering, the parent will need to complete the SIS Supplemental Student Application (OEL-VPK 01S).

The parent should receives VPK SIS certificate of eligibility (OEL-VPK 02S). Then, they can select one or more VPK SIS providers, and contact provider to schedule to plan services. Minor Achievements is a VPK SIS provider in Tarpon Springs, FL.



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 VPK SIS Fact Sheet