Garden Club Final Celebration!

While I am sad to say we are at the end of our first garden club,  I am so proud to tell about the amazing things we have done. This session exceeded my expectation with GREAT thanks to the amazing teachers and families who made our club so wonderful. We grew beautiful vegetables, harvested our crop, and tasted a rainbow of goodness. And, we made some new friends along the way. Check out some pictures from our last day of garden club.


We look forward to fun summer camps at Minor Achievements. We will start the garden club again in the fall.

Thank you to Theresa Ruth and Rachel Pearson for leading the camp and teaching us about social skills and gardening.

Thank you to Lori Goehrig for giving your time and expertise in promoting core vocabulary and inclusion.

Thank you Bob Goehrig (Farmer Bob) for your expertise, interesting seeds and plants, and your patience in teaching.

Thank you Lisa Smith for your time and support helping all children engage in the class.

Thank you Bill Binko and Eric Carson for your help building the garden and making sure we had the tools for success.

Thank you Barbara Brown and Meredith Morgan for your support from day 1, believing in us and trusting us with your precious children.

Thank you to all of the families, Zoey Ruth, Ally Binko, Riffat Merchant, and everyone who helped support us along the way.

Thanks for the children who teach us adults to appreciate the little things; as they express great joy about details most take for granted and light up about learning. They remind us that the world is a beautiful place.

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