New – Sensory Art Camp

Yes! We have added an additional week of camp – July 9-13th

Sensory Art Camp

This is the camp where kids can explore sensory experiences and use their imaginations to create.

Everyone has sensory preferences. Consider your preferences: loud music, soft fidgets, walk on the sand, spin on a swing, or chew on your pen? Perhaps you detest the sound of others chewing or certain smells? Our sensory camp will provide many activities where children can play with various sensory experiences. Each child can work at their own pace and comfort level. With a little encouragement and peer influence, students may try new things. And while they have fun, they may increase communication, cognitive, and social skills. Here are a few ideas…..

  • Painting with textures & spray bottles
  • Digging in garden
  • Painting to music
  • Nature Art
  • 3-D sculpture with various materials
  • Sensory Tables

Come have fun with us!

Learn more about our Summer Camps at Minor Achievements…. There’s a lot of good things going on around here!

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