Kids smiling about Garden Club

Garden Club begins Saturday, Feb 16th!

We are so excited to start our wonderful Social-Language Garden Club this Saturday, February 16th. This will begin our third session, where students learn and practice social skills while creating a garden. It is an amazing experience; watching the garden evolve from seed to vegetables and the participants develop skills for friendships.

Come join us and get dirty! It is truly awesome!!

Saturdays at 9:30 – 11:00 @ Minor Achievements in Tarpon Springs

Cost $20 (includes supplies & materials)

Led by Theresa Ruth, SLP, the class begins with a story and discussion on a target skill based on the Social Thinking Methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner. Participants then begin planning and planting the garden – getting dirty and having fun. The session ends with open social play in the gym and literacy rooms.

Social skills are not memorized. Rather, we use a language-based learning approach to focus on how we share space and interact. Being able to play and work with peers provides the foundation for sitting and learning in the classroom. Our thoughts and emotions are strongly connected. How we behave affects others’ thoughts and feelings, which impacts how they respond to us, which impacts how we respond and how we feel about ourselves. Students will learn to interpret social situations and adapt their behavior. (Learn more about Social Thinking Methodology)


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