Adventures in Reading

New Spring Class for Reading Comprehension

Minor Achievements is excited to offer a new class this spring for elementary age students! The focus: Reading Comprehension and Narration.

Let’s have fun together as we break apart stories through targeted activities. We’ll examine characters, settings, plots, conflicts and resolutions, as well as infer feelings and intentions. The students will gain the tools to improve their reading comprehension skills. Delving into narration will promote writing skills as they become the authors themselves.

Reading levels will be based on individual needs of class participants. As with all the classes at Minor Achievements, this is intended to offer a social learning experience. This class complements the Fun with Lively Letters, which focuses on phonics, decoding words, and sound production.

Join us on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 PM. Classes begin January 30th. $35 per class or $120 for 4 sessions.

Learn more or register at

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